The “Azadi Freedom” Foundation for Culture and Human Rights was established in 2019 in Athens, Greece.

In a time of global conflict and health crises, refugees are among the most vulnerable social groups among us. These are our fellow human beings who have been forced into exile from their homelands, because of wars and conflict or even simply because of their political beliefs.

Guided by our commitment to protect the refugees and safeguard the brotherhood of peoples, the purpose of our foundation is to undertake broad actions of solidarity and peace for the Mediterranean and the Middle East regions.

To achieve this goal, we carry out activism initiatives and events, and produce print publications promoting the unique historical heritage of the cultures of Mesopotamia, and especially the Kurdish culture, which survives unchanged to this day, from the depths of antiquity.

Honoring our past, we organize physical and online events to raise awareness, aiming to promote and highlight the cultural elements that compose the unique mosaic of the history of Mesopotamia.

At the same time, Azadi Freedom is fighting for the present, and for the rights and safety of political refugees and asylum seekers in Greece. Our foundation functions as a channel of communication for our fellow human beings, bringing them in contact with the necessary official authorities while helping them to raise their just demands. At the same time, and in cooperation with other civil society organizations, we provide assistance and support to the refugee camps and asylum seekers, always defending and fighting for the rights of the refugees.

Through actions throughout Greece, publications, activism, solidarity and opinion articles, the Azadi Freedom Foundation for Culture and Human Rights looks to the future, and conducts an ongoing campaign to cultivate and strengthen the Greek-Kurdish friendship, and the historical ties that unite these two peoples of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.


Promoting the culture of the people of Mesopotamia


Support the rights of refugees


Providing material assistance to refugee camps and asylum seekers


Actions and campaigns to strengthen the Greek-Kurdish friendship

Join our efforts for justice and equality

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Martin Luther King

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